Niagara Region Maternity Photographer: Telina

I have always had a more timid personality. Especially as a kid I was usually very quiet. Being quiet let me be the listener and observer. It might seem a little strange but I’ve always enjoyed observing others. I’ve learned I can use my observation skills to my advantage, especially with lifestyle photography! I love letting others just be themselves and try and keep the session a relaxed as possible. I sometimes worry I don’t talk as much as I should, but I’m just trying not to interrupt a moment or just waiting to see one unfold! Watching and capturing those real moments during a session just makes my heart happy! They can happen in a split second, so my observant nature helps me catch them for you to cherish forever! I hope you see this within these images! 

I had so much fun with Telina and her family for this Lifestyle Maternity Session! When I arrived I was just in time for mom to put the finishing touches on Lachlan’s hair! He loves his mommy so much and couldn’t wait to read his “Big Brother” book in his awesome bedroom. We brought dad in to join in story time and then moved into the living room for some cuddles on the couch. On the way to mom and dad’s room was the beautiful gray and pink accent nursery! All the clothes were hung and ready for the arrival of Everlee in April! When taking photos of mom and dad, I noticed that Telina had to stand on her tiptoes to reach her husband for a kiss! I thought this was absolutely adorable and had to get a few shots! When we went in to mom and dad’s room, another family member showed up! Roxy the family cat! We took a few photos while Roxy was interested and then ended the session in the kitchen. I was told the family spends lots of quality time in there. We kept it as casual as possible with some good laughs, fancy mugs and of course ice cream with sprinkles!!   

Renee xoxo



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  1. Laura says:

    Love the sibling shot. Beautiful work!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Love this!!

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