Niagara Photographer: Meet Ozzy!

This is a personal post I am super excited to share with all of you. At the end of April this year it will be 2 years since my dog Slater has passed. I was born into this world with a dog. I am also an only child so dogs where always my “siblings.” It just didn’t feel quite the same without one. I would search and search for the right dog. At first I wasnt sure if I should get a puppy or try and adopt an adult dog. My only hesitation of adopting an older dog was the fact that I already have a cat. My cat is used to dogs, but not all dogs want to be friends with cats. So after searching for a while I found Ozzy, the Mini Australian/American Shepherd! He is such a mix of colours and a bundle of fluff! His coat is known as a Blue Merle. He has one blue eye; which through research I found out is referred to as a ghost eye! He will get to stand about knee height and way up to 30lbs. This is small to me considering Slater was twice that size! He is so full of energy and is definitely keeping my attention these days! As much as he can be a little crazy at times (he is super curly and bouncy) he makes me laugh a whole lot! I can not wait to watch him grow and become a loyal friend of mine!

He looks timid in most of these photos because he doesnt seem to like when I have the camera in front of my face, but take a look at the last two images I took with my phone. That is the real Ozzy!

Leave a comment if you have any questions about this breed! Or tell me about your furry friends!

Renee xoxo

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