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With the modern day of digital everything and most things being accessible instantly, print images have been put on the back burner. We tell ourselves we will have these memories forever safe on a USB, disk or that we will print these images but how often or for how long do they sit on that USB? Plus if you are hiring a photographer who loves to do the ordering and designing work for you why not save yourself the trouble!

I have always been a person who loves tangible items. Books in particular. Even with the option of being able to purchase a book cheaper as a digital copy, I won’t do it. I LOVE the feel of a new book, the textures of the cover and the feeling of physically flipping the pages. When I’m done reading them I can put them on a coffee table or shelf and have them for years to come. Would I be able to do the same with a digital version? Technology breaks down and changes ALL THE TIME! Even from year to year. Think about the floppy disk, or even older technology. If my family memories were kept on those, how would I view them now? Many computers today don’t even have disk drives for CDs anymore and CDs aren’t out of use completely yet!

I am so glad my family printed images and put them into albums. I love being able to see their lives progress from before I was even born. We get so busy in our fast paced society that time seems to pass so quickly. Newborns turn into toddlers, children turn into teens all in a blink of an eye it seems! Besides the fact that getting photos taken is so important, we should do them justice and help preserve the memories for years to come by putting them in an album or some print form at least!

I love when clients feel the same way! So if my thoughts are not enough here are some beautiful words from one of my clients on her feelings about her photo session and purchasing an album:

“Renee came into our home a few weeks after our son was born to capture some amazing photos. Renee made it so easy as she came to us and brought some very nice blankets and wraps to make our baby boy comfortable as she worked her magic. Renee was so amazing with him. She was gentle and patient as she took her time to take photos of him. Renee stopped if he needed to eat and then continued when he was ready to be photographed again. Every picture Renee took of our son was breathtaking. My husband and I decided to have a photo album made. The album is one of the best memories we could ask for. Words cannot describe the feeling we get when we open this beautiful album each and every time. Renee was so easy to work with. We sat down together and went over all the different options. For example the albums size, colour, and finish. Renee did such an amazing job putting our memory book together. She was fast to deliver the finished product. Our friends and family really enjoy looking at the album too!!!! Thank you for capturing the first photos of our son. Amazing job!!!!!”

-Katie F.

I’d be more then happy to sit down and go through a sample album with you too!

For more information please fill out the contact form below and/or check out the images and video on one of our albums down below!

Thank you so much Katie for your kind words!

Renee xoxo

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